On Site Professional Supervision

Onsite professional supervision is in line with employer organisational principles; explores skills and knowledge and tracks change/progress; identifies ‘strengths and areas for skills improvement in individual practice and to discover alternative strategies. Individual client case work – challenges, strategies and tools to benefit the service provided to clients is included. On a personal level, professional supervision assists in identifying ‘bleed through’ across personal/ professional boundaries. This may include developing appropriate strategies for management; monitoring boundaries in the workplace and in relationships with clients and/or external stakeholders to assure optimum self-care; and/or attending to a range of personal and/or experiences which can impact on work some of which might be trauma, mental health, self-care, addiction, relationships, identity, work/life management, confidence and self-esteem.

BOOKINGS: Individual sessions can be held onsite (where the referral is made ) or an alternative safe, quiet and uninterrupted space can be organised. Face to face sessions are limited to NW Tasmania.

For more remote clients, individual sessions can be delivered by telephone or Skype.

Please contact me on 0400 133 107 or email vicki@fasdconsultants.com.au to discuss options.

An individual supervision session is a set fee of $100, generally based on 1 to 1.5 hours.