News October to December 2019

Russell Elizabeth (Anne) (2018) (2nd ed.) Alcohol and Pregnancy: My responsible disturbance Zeus Publications, Australia.

Public Health (November 2019) Foetal disorder research set to be ‘best data in UK’ National Health Executive.

McKetta S, Keyes KM (2019) Heavy and binge alcohol drinking and parenting status in the United States from 2006 to 2018: An analysis of nationally representative cross-sectional surveys. PLOS Medicine 16(11)

Jackson N (26 November 2019) Mandatory Pregnancy labels on alcohol set to cost industry a lot more. The industry claim is to continue voluntary labelling to‘minimise excessive costs to industry (and thus potentially to consumers)’ and because ‘awareness of the potential harm of alcohol for pregnant women is already at very high levels in the community’. According to data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 98.8 per cent of women either abstain or reduce their alcohol consumption when pregnant (up from 96.6 per cent in 2004), indicating high levels of awareness of alcohol harm to the unborn child. The Shout, National Liquor News.

Women’s Centre of Excellence, Supporting Change: Preventing FASD- Video series. A resource to support service providers in their work with women.

Fitzgerald, R (21 November 2019) Trailblazing speech pathologists scoop disability innovation award. NT News, Australia. Kate Pollard and Ashleigh O’Loughlin, two young speech pathologists pioneering diagnostics for children with autism and fetal alcohol syndrome have been recognised in the NT’s prestigious disability award.

Morgan H (19 November 2019) “A Deep-Rooted Psychological Pain”: What It’s Really Like To Be Pregnant In Prison. Refinery 29.

Mohd Noor Aswad (17 November 2019) ‘Helping the Kensiu tribe fight problems of drugs and alcohol’. the Kensiu tribe is not yet in critical stage but alcohol abuse amongst pregnant Kensiu natives is worrying.

Last Call: Real Stories of Alcohol’s Impact in Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin Counties, Canada.

Fenn K (12 November 2019) Why Dr. Brian Goldman bought cigarettes for his underage son who has FASD. CBC Radio

Gordon A (10 November 2019) Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: The ‘heartbreaking’ reality. BBC News Northern Ireland

Adebiyi, B.O., Mukumbang, F.C. & Beytell, A. A guideline for the prevention and management of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in South Africa. BMC Health Serv Res 19, 809 (2019) doi:10.1186/s12913-019-4677-x

Terence Jeffries (3 November 2019) 2019 shows increase in substance-affected infants referred to Social Services. Salisbury Post, North Carolina, USA.

Choate P, Badry D. MacLaurin B, Ariyo K & Sobhani D (31 October 2019) Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: What does Public Awareness Tell Us about Prevention Programming? International Journal of Environmental and Public Health

CDC Free Online Training (USA so diagnostic terms differ to Australia)

Reid N, Akison LK, Hoy W & Moritz KM Adverse Health Outcomes Associated With Fetal Alcohol Exposure: A Systematic Review Focused on Cardio–Renal Outcomes’. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs / September 2019

Akison LK Moritz KM & Reid N ‘Adverse reproductive outcomes associated with fetal alcohol exposure: a systematic review’. 2019 Society for Reproduction and Fertility. Pp 329-343

The Herald (11 November 2019) First Lady launches campaign against early pregnancies. Zimbabwe.

Yolanda Harris (25 October 2019) Ohio State’s STEPP helping expectant mothers with addiction. 10TV WBNS

Isabel Bird (24 October 2019) Senate inquiry into Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder hoped to instigate change. The Advocate,  Tasmania

Xavier Johnson (23 October 2013) Urban natives re-claim untold familial stories. The Advocate, San Pablo, California.

P. Mews, G. Egervari , R. Nativio, S. Sidoli, G. Donahue, S. I. Lombroso, D. C. Alexander, S. L. Riesche, E. A. Heller, E. J. Nestler, B. A. Garcia & S. L. Berger. Alcohol metabolism contributes to brain histone acetylationNature, 2019 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-1700-7

Greenmeyer J, Popova S, Glug, M & Burd L Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: a systematic review of the cost of and savings from prevention in the United States and Canada’. Addiction. doi: 10.1002/add.14841.
The literature on the costs of and savings from prevention of Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) was reviewed and a model for the US and Canada of projected savings based on the expansion of existing evidence-based prevention models was presented. Researchers conducted a systematic review of published literature on the cost of FASD prevention and interviewed experts in the field. Evidence-based prevention programs were applied to women at the highest risk to have a future child with fetal alcohol syndrome leading to the reduction in the cost of prevention of one case by $1,215,600 in the US. This is a 62 fold cost savings compared with the cost of preventing one case among all women who drink. These findings support the expansion of risk-based prevention strategies for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder in the US and Canada as economically efficient and worthwhile for society.

Pearly Neo (23 October 2019) ‘Lifelong harm’? FSANZ debates impact of pregnancy warning labels for alcoholic beverages. Beverage

Mary Ward (22 October 2019) Pregnant mums’ ability to cope with stress may affect health of child. Sydney Morning Herald

CBC News (21 October 2019) Should alcohol products on P.E.I. come with warnings about drinking and pregnancy?

Editorial (20 October 2019) The Examiner

Isabel Bird (October 2019) National prevention campaign needed for Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder’. The Advocate.

Freya Lucas (17 October 2019)UQ researcher heads to Canada to study major cause of child psychological issues’. University of Queensland (UQ) Associate Professor Deborah Askew will use her newly awarded Churchill Fellowship to visit urban First Nations communities in Canada and Alaska to learn more about a major cause of child psychological issues – fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD). The Sector

The Elephant in the Womb: FSANZ Calls for Submissions on Proposed Mandatory Pregnancy Warning Labels on Alcoholic Beverages. (15 October 2019) Lexology.

University of Queensland News (16 October 2019) Researcher to study Canada’s success in preventing fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Associate Professor Deborah Askew’s newly awarded Churchill Fellowship will allow her to learn from urban First Nations communities in Canada and Alaska about how they have successfully reduced rates of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD).

Bradley Carlson (15 October 2019) Wisconsin Second In US For Binge Drinking Rate, Study Finds’. The Burden Of Binge Drinking’ Points To Economic, Health And Social Consequences Of A High Binge Drinking Rate.

Mirage News (14 October 2019) Alcohol industry-funded websites fail to give full evidence on key risks of alcohol consumption in pregnancy. Extract from Audrey W. Y. Lim, May C. I. Van Schalkwyk, Nason Maani Hessari, Mark P. Petticrew. Pregnancy, Fertility, Breastfeeding, and Alcohol Consumption: An Analysis of Framing and Completeness of Information Disseminated by Alcohol Industry- Funded Organisations. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

Dennis Campbell (14 October 2019) Alcohol industry ‘puts pregnant women at risk’, researchers say. The Guardian UK.

Judith Finlayson (14 October 2019) What men eat and drink may affect their babies’ health. Washington Post.

Chloe Reichel (11 October 2019) ‘Causes’ vs. ‘contributes to’: Strong causal language on product warning labels more effective. Journalist’s Resource.

BC Mental Health and Substance Use Services (current 2019) Adult Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Assessments. Assessments for incarcerated adults to decide whether they are eligible for services from Community Living BC, an organization that provides services for people with developmental disabilities.

Carl Hnatyshyn (10 October 2019) Pathways program helps those with fetal alcohol disorder. Resource worker Amber Arnold hopes to change that reality by speaking, creating programs and holding events to make Sarnia-Lambton into what she calls an FASD-informed community. This Week: Sarnia and Lambton County.

(9 October 2019) Study in rats suggests special occasion drinking during pregnancy may cause harm. University of Queensland.

(5 October 2019) Russia’s alcohol policy: a continuing success story’.Russians are officially drinking less and, as a consequence, are living longer than ever before: life expectancies reached an historic peak in 2018—almost 68 years for men and 78 years for women—according to a WHO report examining the effects of alcohol control measures on mortality and life expectancy in Russia. The Lancet Published: October 05, 2019

Donald KA, Wedderburn CJ, Barnett W, Nhapi RT, Rehman AM, Stadler JAM, et al. (2019) Risk and protective factors for child development: An observational South African birth cohort. PLoS Med 16(9): e1002920.

Zhang, S., Wang, L., Yang, T., Chen, L., Zhao, L., Wang, T., … Qin, J. (2019). Parental alcohol consumption and the risk of congenital heart diseases in offspring: An updated systematic review and meta-analysis. European Journal of Preventive Cardiology

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (2019) RESOURCE: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD): A booklet for parents, carers and families of children and young people exposed to alcohol during pregnancy.

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